How cruel is Freddy Kruger?

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How cruel is Freddy Kruger?

What did Freddy Krueger do with these girls?
Cruelty and supernatural have always attracted people.
Many funny cartoons and movies with cruel twists have made people from all over the world burst in tears of laughter or get scared as they never did before.
Coming up with plots that involve murders of teenagers and a character like Freddy Krueger is something Hollywood has always been proud of.

The perfect silence of an American cul-de-sac gets disturbed by Freddy, a supernatural creature looking for revenge. The innocence of the adolescents is presented in opposition with what their parents have done in the past.

Freddy is only lurking and it is not interested in anything else than terrifying and murdering his victims. The main idea of the movie is not focused on murder. The end of the movie tries to show the audience the idea that we may be living in a world that cannot be controlled by our own selves or any form of authority. Freddy Krueger may be the supreme tyrant. He toys with people’s lives and emotions, and there’s nothing someone could do something about it.


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