Horrific outdoor art installations

Posted by koragh in Amazing January 26, 2015 5:05 pm / 44 views
Horrific outdoor art installations
These are some fantastic outdoor art installations.

fantastic sculptures

1. Hungarian artist Ervin Herve-Loranth must feel like he just crawled out from the deepest and the most horrific Hell holes and he doesn’t feel very well. At least this is what his giant Hades man tries to scream at us. Or perhaps the giant man just woke up nervous from his sleep.

Isn’t diving one of the most interesting hobbies someone could have… However, if you happen to be in Bahamas, try and not get scared at seeing the giant girl underwater, holding the entire ocean on her shoulders. It may remind you of efforts and you wouldn’t want to be bothered during your holiday. Scary… huh?

fantastic sculptures
The French production company La Machine outdid itself once again. They brought two massive, 100% made out of steel artworks in Peking. The fierce Long-Ma dragon travels with the beautiful La Princesse spider and a crew of performers. Thank God they are not looking to destroy anything. We would not need this kind of ‘funny pictures’ in our morning newspapers.
fantastic sculptures
street sculptures
Few people are able to turn garbage into something beautiful. It seems these artists in Lisbon know what they are doing, as garbage came out in mind-blowing colours and shapes out of their hands.
street sculptures
No one could say the peacock isn’t a masterpiece Nature has created. Artists and people in Sidney seem to get this better than most of us, and created this golden, metallic peacock to guard the Australian shores.
street sculptures


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